Thanksgiving is always a big thing in our family. We all get together and really connect for those five days. Against our better judgement we have decided to take the family to Disney World. We have rented a house large enough to accommodate all eighteen of us and I am now strategizing how to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner that is healthy, delicious and easy enough to be prepared in an unknown kitchen and limited supermarket choices.


To make sure that the table looks festive and inviting I am boxing all my Thanksgiving decorations and sending it over. Everything tastes better with a nice presentation.

Instead of a whole turkey which would take a couple days to brine and season, we are having boneless turkey breast.  It can be marinated overnight and it does not take more than one hour and thirty minutes in the oven.

It is something I bake quite often at home and have it on hand for salads and light meals instead of the processed ones you usually buy at the deli. For sides we are having a butternut squash and apple casserole, sweet and salty roasted Brussel sprouts, mango kale salad and wild rice.

The cranberry sauce will be simple and fresh. This way I can guarantee that no one will end our Thanksgiving with an extra 10 pounds.  Discipline and imagination can go a long way in promoting health without compromising our taste buds. Check out our recipes and even if you do not want to forgo the marshmallows and buttered mashed potatoes, try one of those healthy sides.