New Finds at the Upper East Side of New York

During this lazy week, I did some walking around my neighborhood. I was amazed at how many stores have closed, but also at how many new food business have opened and how they all cater to our new way of eating: healthy and wholesome.

On Lexington Avenue between 83rd and 84th there is a new bakery that caters to the gluten-free crowd. By The Way Bakery is also dairy free and kosher. I tried the Friday Challah and found it somewhat dense but tasty. It is not your usual bread but I would buy it again.

Irving Farm Coffee on Third Avenue and 81st has a Portland vibe, and, contrary to Starbucks, offers cakes that are gluten free and absolutely delicious. I had the iced coffee with Pumpkin Seed milk and loved it.

Babette’s Feast is the American version of the venerable French frozen food boutique Picard. The high quality frozen meals can be the best aid to those on a diet and with cooking aversion. I loaded my freezer with the chicken breast and the grilled salmon fillet. They came handy whenever I was in a hurry. Just make sure you read the calorie count and use restrain in the portions.

Beyoglu Turkish Restaurant on the corner of 81st and Third has one of those wonderful menus that make it easy to keep one’s diet.

When having lunch with my girlfriends, Tiramisu on the corner of 80th and Third is a favorite. Our dish of choice is the chicken paillard with arugula salad. Absolutely divine!

Last on my list is the Juice Press, conveniently located next to Soul Cycle, and it offers an array of fresh juices and an awfully good coconut water.