Spring Time in Paris

Flowers are everywhere and lucky me, not only I have been visiting gorgeous gardens, I have had the chance to attend a flower arrangement demonstration with Jeff Leatham, the uber sensation that caters to Oprah, the Clintons and the Kardashians alike. The class was held at the Georges V where Jeff has been responsible for its flowers arrangements with a meager budget of 1.1 million dollars per year!

I did not leave the class being a master florist but some of his tips were quite useful:

You can bring Hydrangeas back to fluffiness by soaking their heads in water for a minute or so. The flower will soak up all the water and be good as new.

 Snap the heads of roses(do not cut) so that they will float elegantly in a bowl of water.

Do not use more than three types of flowers in a bouquet. Group them together by variety and then form the bouquet making sure that there is some movement.

Hard at work with Mr. Leatham!