Holiday Season

I woke up to a bustling kitchen on Thanksgiving Day. We are all together in a rented vacation house in Orlando and I realize that I have so many blessings to give thanks for! I had a wonderful childhood growing up in Brazil, fun beyond limits during my Rio de Janeiro teenage years, glamour and excitement in New York later on. I gave birth to two fantastic daughters and met the love of my life at the age of 33. He brought along two wonderful boys and we quickly became the Brady Bunch. Sometimes, though, during vacations we feel more like the Griswolds!

Together in those 30 years we have moved around a lot. Along the way we made wonderful friends who enriched our lives in ways I would never have imagined. Richmond,Virginia is what we call home. I find it especially beautiful. I love the open spaces, the farms and homes that exude history. The southern gentility and the so prevalent adherence to American values have made me fall in love with this gem of a town.

After a week of lots of orange, pumpkins and sweet potatoes the Hanukkah festivities are upon us. It is the festival of miracles and, for all of us who believe, it is a week of hope and celebrations. We move away from the pumpkin-orange and start our décor with blue and white, the colors of Hanukkah. Since I love blue it was so much fun doing the table!

Let’s all pause and look back at all the miracles that have happened to us during our lifetime: the birth of our children and grandchildren, the ability to see and feel the majestic beauty of the world around us and to love immensely… let’s revisit our past with kindness.

Soon Christmas will be upon us: the season of giving begins. Let’s all extend a hand to those around us who need help. Let’s choose a special act of giving to celebrate the season of brotherly love. Spread warmth, plan good deeds and feel the world move in the right direction.

Happy Holidays!!!