Renting in Paris

We are in Paris looking for an apartment to rent. We have been coming to Paris for the last eight years quite frequently and each time we grow fonder of the city. I am excited! I will be able to take cooking classes and shop in those wonderful food markets and specialty shops. The French take their shopping seriously. They are meticulous about what they buy and if you think that French cooking is all about rich sauces you are mistaken. It is really about the freshest and most pristine ingredients which need very little manipulation. Having diabetes 2 and having had disastrous results with some of the medications usually prescribed I am, with the help of Dr.Shilpa Saxena , embracing a more conscious way of eating and have already managed to reduce my meds to one metformin a day and at the same time keep my readings in check. It does take perseverance but I guess most things that are worth it do.

The city is emptier, devoid of tourists and the French are happy to see any Americans. We walk everywhere. Stairs reign in most buildings. Tiny elevators are an incentive to diet since no one with a more enlarged circumference is able to fit into most of them. Since we always stay in an apartment, we make the commitment of only eating out once a day, usually lunch. Eating healthy is not something you do only when you are home. It is a lifestyle and it requires determination. In every restaurant menu there is always a protein and some vegetable or salad greens. That’s what you should be eating when out. I always ask for sauces on the side which I forgo most of the time. A wonderful grilled fish or roasted lamb with any seasonal vegetables makes for a perfect meal and if the restaurant is good I can guarantee that it will taste awesome. I only occasionally will have beans or rice, and never white flour or gluten. Nevertheless if you see my posts on Instagram you will see that I do enjoy food and eat really well.

Hubby on the other hand loves ice cream and because of it we have discovered a wonderful shop in Saint Germain called Il Gelato del Marchese. While he indulges on his favorite treat I sip small cups of decaf espresso followed by a piece of sugarless chocolate. On the number 3 of the Rue des Quatre Vents you will find the lovely shop. It is a jewel box in muted golds and light taupes. There is an air of refinement and tranquility and one of the best gelatos ever. Made from premium ingredients with star results. A perfect pause for an afternoon of endless sightseeing.