New Year's Resolutions

With the beginning of the New Year we make lists of resolutions. Usually by the end of February we forget the list and fall back on old habits. Let’s try to redeem ourselves and be better this year. We take care of our cars so they can run smoothly and take us to work. We take care of our homes so we can live in a nice environment but most of the time we forget to take equal care of our bodies where we live full time.

This year we should have only one resolution: to take care of our bodies so we can live to the fullest. Eating well is not about the latest diet, the weight watchers meetings, buying pre -packaged diet food or so called moderation. It is about making a conscious decision of only eating what is good for us and having enough resolve to stick to a healthy plan.

Until you have made up your mind that food is the fuel that runs our engine and that we should stick to premium grade fuel, no diet will work for you. We hear a lot about yo-yo dieting, people losing weight then gaining it all back and some more. The “diets don’t work” is part of our discourse but we never follow it with a stern recommendation that we need to be strictly vigilant and disciplined when it comes to eating.

There are things that may taste wonderful but they are poisonous to our system and should never be eaten. If arsenic tasted good would you put it in your coffee? We have to start looking at some food that way and be realistic about it.

My recommendation for 2016 is for you to start the year with a 4 week plan at a time. For the next 4 weeks try to follow the list below and see how you feel:

  • -No gluten (gluten –free packaged cookies are a no-no!)
  • -No sugar (or sugar substitute)
  • -No corn
  • -No dairy
  • -No alcohol
  • -No pre-packaged food that contains preservatives or any chemicals. Look out especially for high fructose corn syrup, olestra or any other kind of fake fat or sugar
  • -No white potatoes or white rice

After this period is over look back and see how well you feel. You will realize the impact of those small changes in your whole being and you will be on your way to a year of wholesome eating the way your body wants you to.