A Year in Paris

The worst part about leaving your home for a year is the packing. Everything else is part of a wonderful adventure. Struggling to learn how to cook on an induction cooktop or how to most effectively use a washing machine that also dries can be challenging, but if you are in Paris, it is all worthwhile.

Sunday we went to our Organic Farmers’ Market on Boulevard Raspail. I was surprised by the amount of stands, the variety, and quality of products. The friendly attitude of the merchants was duly noted; they carefully pack that single tomato you are buying and go on endlessly about its quality as if you were taking home a 5lb bag! Throughout France there is a movement against waste so a small purchase is now a smart purchase. Something we should start embracing right now!

We came home with bags of fresh lettuces, parsley, scallions and mint.  Following our plan of healthy eating this year, we are going big on salads. During my last visit to Israel I realized that we do not utilize as many herbs as we should in our cooking so I decided to change that. Fresh herbs will be abundantly used from now on.

For carbohydrates I have been making a point of only having small amounts of quinoa, lentils, or beans. Off with potatoes, corn, and of course, bread or any other starchy flour. I know it sounds absurd - coming to Paris and not eating bread - but then, again, if it is not good for my body I should not touch it. It takes discipline (and I am not perfect) but the rewards are huge.

We have been cooking quick and light meals at our apartment, a good alternative for prepackaged food.

Trust me, you will not be spending a lot of time cooking especially if you are a good chopper, which you will be in no time. Practice makes it perfect, after all.

At restaurants I have been able to eat so well and still adhere to my diet. I mostly order a protein, grilled or roasted, with vegetables/legumes. I also order an appetizer (a green salad with olive oil and vinegar on the side) and an entrée.  It is the best recipe for not overeating. A long lasting meal does not necessarily mean a high calorie meal. Au contraire, by lingering, your brain has time to register your intake, making you feel fulfilled.

My dish at a lovely bistro called Le Chat Bossu. It was delicious!

After the meal I always end up ordering two decaf coffees: one when everyone else is having dessert and another one when the table is having their coffee. A small trick to avoid staring at everyone’s fattening dessert without anything to do.